End of Expedition 364 Onshore Science Party!

The Onshore Science Party for Expedition 364 will come to a close on October 15th. The team hit, and exceeded their target of processing 35m of core per day! In total, 829m of core have been split and scanned for physical properties measurements and a huge total of 11,218 samples have been taken!

A number of these samples have been taken for Expedition research and have been used for paleomagnetic, geochemical and physical properties measurements during the OSP. These will form the basis for the IODP reporting, with the remainder being sent out to Science Party members to use for future research to answer the big questions posed by the project and unravel the complex story recorded by these rocks.

In addition to all the splitting, describing, sampling, coffee drinking and cookie eating which has happened in Bremen, it has provided the first opportunity for the Science group to come together. A chance for exchanging ideas, forming new collaborations and making plans for future publications. This is just the start of the story, the next months and years will see lots of hard work for the Science team and many more scientific communications and high impact publications!

Image courtesy of Volker Diekamp@ECORD_IODP


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