IODP Expedition 364 “Chicxulub K-Pg Impact Crater” is back!


Since the offshore phase ended, all 303 cores have made their way from Mexico to the U.S. where they underwent CT scanning at the Weatherford Laboratories in Houston, Texas, before being shipped on to the IODP Core Repository in Bremen, Germany.

Over the coming weeks, these cores will be split, described, photographed, sampled, probed and prodded by the Onshore Science Party (OSP) consisting of 31 scientists from across the world. This process will be assisted by staff from the ECORD Science Operator (ESO) and the IODP Bremen Core Repository (BCR), which is part of the MARUM centre, where the OSP is taking place. The archive half of the core will be stored at the BCR following the OSP.

The work undertaken during the OSP will go a long way towards addressing the main aims of the project: 1) Constrain the formational processes and lithology of peak ring; 2) Investigate the deep biosphere; 3) Investigate post-impact recovery; 4) Sample the PETM.

So, keep your eyes on the blog for regular updates from OSP scientists, teachers and various media sources!


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