End of Expedition 364 – Offshore phase

The offshore phase of Expedition 364 Chicxulub K-Pg Impact Crater is complete! We reached a depth of 1334.69m below the seafloor with Core 303R. The final downhole logging and VSP (Vertical Seismic Profiling) measurements have been taken.

It’s been a great expedition on board the L/B Myrtle. Now everything is being packed up, the drill rig is being dismantled and everyone is looking forward to returning home.


This expedition has been a long time in the planning, with many different people, both offshore and behinds the scenes. So a very big thank you to everyone involved for helping to make it happen, and be such a success!

The whole science team (not just the scientists who have been offshore) will be reunited with the cores during the onshore phase of the expedition in September. Preparations for this are already underway… We look forward to seeing what’s inside those cores!

Summary of IODP Expedition 364 Offshore phase –

  • Number of holes: 1
  • Number of expedition days: 55
  • Total depth drilled: 1334.69 m
  • Open hole drilled: 0 – 505.7m
  • Length cored: 828.99m
  • Length recovered: 839.55m
  • Recovery: 100%!
  • Number of core bits used: 8
  • Number of cores: 303
  • Number of sections: 830
  • Number of Samples: 1075
  • Total length of open hole downhole logs: 5.8km
  • Number of visitors and media: 46
  • Number of ice creams: too many!



Written by Mary Mowat & Dave Smith





Feature Image: GCarter@ECORD_IODP

Central Image: AWittman@ECORD_IODP

Bottom Image: ELeBer@ECORD_IODP


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