To the Unsung Heroes

Away from the glitz and the glamour of the drill floor lies a team of individuals, scattered throughout the world, that are fundamental to the success of the project.

The logistics and planning for this expedition have taken a lot of time and effort, the shipping of all the containers and equipment alone takes a fair amount of organisation, and there are lots of other little things that people don’t see but need to happen nonetheless.

The chefs on board the lift boat (Jimmie Brown & Elias Trevino) work all hours of the day, making top-notch scran, to ensure we are all well fed, especially the drill team, who burn and consume the most calories.

The rest of the ship’s Montco crew are always on top of keeping the vessel “ship shape” and are always quietly at work in the background as all the engines roar from the drill rig. The engineers on board make sure we have plenty of fresh water, which is needed after sweating all day in the heat.

Onshore we have Beau Marshall of the DOSECC drilling team; fluent in Spanish, he’s been in Merida working throughout the whole project and knows all the local people at the port, occasionally giving them a lift in his massive truck. Beau is the man that can “get you what you need” from spare parts for the engineering staff and drillers to other items like toothpaste or that one soda you just can’t live without. Everyone eagerly awaits Beau and the crew of the Linda (article feature image) on a Tuesday when fresh supplies are delivered. This also means home time for some of us which can be a happy/sad time, dependent on how long you have been on board!


  • Beau Marshall – DOSECC- Operations
  • Burnell – Montco – Captain
  • Kyle – Montco – Mate
  • Keith – Montco – Engineer
  • Jo – Montco – Engineer
  • Jordan – Montco – Deckhand
  • Robbie – Montco – Deckhand
  • Tim – Montco – Chef
  • Michael – Montco – Chef
  • Ronald – Montco – Captain
  • Cory – Montco – Mate
  • Matt – Montco – Engineer
  • Derek – Montco – Deckhand
  • Isaias – Montco – Deckhand
  • Andrew – Montco – Deckhand
  • Jimmie – Montco – Chef
  • Elias – Montco – Chef
  • The crew of the Linda.F supply boat

Written by Garry McGowan – ESO – Drilling Coordinator


  • Feature Image:  JLofi@ECORD_IODP
  • Centre Mosaic (top left):  DSmith@ECORD_IODP
  • Centre Mosaic (top centre):  JLofi@ECORD_IODP
  • Centre Mosaic (top right):  JLofi@ECORD_IODP
  • Centre Mosaic (bottom left):  JLofi@ECORD_IODP
  • Centre Mosaic (bottom right):  JLofi@ECORD_IODP
  • Lower Mosaic (left):  MMowat@ECORD_IODP
  • Lower Mosaic (right):  DSmith@ECORD_IODP

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