1 km below the seafloor!

17/05/2016 – Today we reached a milestone depth of 1000 m below the seafloor with Core 192R! This is the deepest hole yet on an MSP (Mission Specific Platform) expedition. A huge thanks to the amazing DOSECC drilling team for getting us this far into the crater, especially in this scorching heat when they’re out on the drill floor all day and night. We couldn’t have hoped for better recovery and for such high quality and interesting cores. Now we just need to continue and get as close as we can to 1500 m!

With all this material, the scientists are certainly going to be busy during the Onshore Science Party in Germany in September/October, and for many years to come!

The story so far on IODP Expedition 364 Chicxulub K-Pg Impact Crater –

  • Hole: M0077A
  • Start Date: 8 April 2016
  • Open hole drilled: 0 – 505.7m
  • Total depth drilled: 1000.14m
  • Depth cored: 505.7 – 1000.14m
  • Length cored: 494.44m
  • Length recovered: 498.7m
  • Recovery: 100%!
  • Number of cores: 192
  • Number of sections: 501
  • Number of Samples: 750
  • Weight of core per metre: ~15kg
  • Weight of cores: ~7.5 tonnes!
  • Number of cookies eaten: ~3521 (and counting)


Mary Mowat – Expedition Data Manager

Featured Images:


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