Our drillers

Working alongside the DOSECC drill team has been an absolute privilege. How hard the guys work and their knowledge of open hole drilling as well as coring is unbelievable.

From a personal point of view, it has been a brilliant learning process to get to work with them on a day to day basis over the past 3 weeks. We always manage to entertain ourselves with jokes and funny stories keeping everyone upbeat and positive throughout the 12 hour shift.

Will, Mike, Steve and the Gaffer (boss), Chris (the team that are on my shift) are some of the funniest guys I have worked with offshore but when it comes to putting in a shift (as well as eating sweets) they are absolute machines.

Left: Mike, Middle: Steve, Right: Will. Image JLofi@ECORD_IODP

Whether it’s tripping pipe, running casing, cementing, drilling, coring, mixing mud, flushing the hole, or working their way through some of Eli’s (the cook) cakes, biscuits, flapjacks, freshly baked bread or brownies (to name but a few), they remain professional, efficient and motivated at all times.

I’ve gained the utmost respect for them (as well as the nightshift, Jess, AJ, Justin and Curt) as being a driller isn’t the easiest of jobs from time to time. Whilst coring, they take turns to go and eat and have to rush the meal down so they are back out on deck. They also have to work in the blistering heat until the sun sets, then the humidity sets in at night. One particular test for the drillers was when a Peregrine Falcon temporarily took up residence on one of the cranes and decided to dispose of the remains of its dinner (decapitated birds) on their heads.

I mean, its not all bad. The guys get brilliant tans. They get served on hand and foot with refreshments and snacks (by me!!) and also come away with a great sense of achievement from the job as the scientists are happy with the cores being recovered . Ive heard comments from well seasoned ocean going scientists that these are probably the best quality cores they’ve ever seen!

All in all, its been an absolute pleasure working with them and hopefully I get the chance to do it again one day!

DSmith@ECORD_IODP_ (96)
Signing the bit. Image: DSmith@ECORD_IODP

Connor Richardson – Drilling Coordinator

Featured Image DSmith@ECORD_IODP


3 thoughts on “Our drillers

  1. From the entire DOSECC Exploration Services Team, We thank you for the compliments and are happy to see such great core quality and recovery for the IODP 364 team. Thanks for the Great words of praise Conner. We miss you already. Chris


    1. Chris, it was a pleasure. Hope you guys are still doing a great job out there, all the best for the remainder of the trip.



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