Half Way There!

We started drilling 8th April. Four weeks on and we are roughly half way there!
The project is scheduled for 2 months but we are drilling into the unknown, who knows, we may reach our target sooner than expected. So far, so good, and I am confident we will continue with our successes in the coming weeks.

So how do we sum up this past month at sea? At times, I feel like we only arrived yesterday, but there are occasions when I think ‘what I would give to see a tree’. It’s strange being at sea and not moving, we’ve literally been in the same place for a month.

A ships life is one of routine. Meal times are set. On Friday we eat fish. The ships muster is on Sunday. The linen gets changed on Monday. These are the activities that remind you what day of the week it is.

However, life on board is not always so mundane and I’ve summarised just a few of the highlights below (not necessarily in order of importance).

New people: Staff are always coming and going. This is great as new people bring news of the outside world with them. They also deliver Yorkshire Tea (a proper brew) and HobNobs (Biscuits) which are a little reminder of home. While we are sad to loose old friends, we know we will be reunited in Bremen, Germany, later in the year.

The weekly food delivery: Did we get avocados? Did they bring the cheese? Are those tiny ice lolly’s (or popsicles to our American friends) in the order. What happened to the Peanut M&Ms?

A change in weather: After 20+ days of uninterrupted sunshine and temperatures above 30°C (I know, it’s a hard life), the wind shifted. Temperatures have dropped to a pleasant 25°C and the sky is dotted with white fluffy clouds. Our sunsets have been getting better and better by the day.

Oh, and finally, AMAZING SCIENTIFIC DISCOVERIES. I’m leaving this one hanging. Watch this space!

Claire Mellett – Expedition Project Manager


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