Coming and going

Gail Christeson – Geophysicist

During our drilling project we need scientists to give us dates on the carbonate rocks, so that we know when we’re close to the impact boundary; scientists to look at the impact rocks; scientists to sample for microbiology and DNA; scientists to decipher the types of core we’ve recovered; scientists to make measurements on all the core; scientists to conduct down-hole logging.

How do we manage all this with a limited number of berths available?

Fortunately, we’re close enough to shore (about an hour-long boat ride) that we can change out the science party as we go along. Our Expedition Project Managers have a complicated spreadsheet of everyone’s comings and goings, ensuring that there is space for all with appropriate male and female cabins. Tuesday was my turn, as I had to catch the weekly supply boat to make sure that I was in Merida in time for my flight. It was sad to leave in the middle of the project, but it will be that much more exciting when I see the new cores this fall when all members of our science team get together for several weeks to fully examine the cores.

Good bye Team Chicxulub!



One thought on “Coming and going

  1. I had my 7th graders do an activity called “The Day the Mesozoic Died” where we watched a video about the discovery of the impact event and mapped the location of the crater. I just came across a post about the project to drill and core the rim. It’s a great follow-up I’m sharing with my students. I hope you will provide some recorded video so I can share that with the “wee ones”.


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