Co-chief Scientist Joanna Morgan arrives on the Myrtle

April 30th is day one for Joanna, Michael, Auriol, Mary and Socrates on the L/B Myrtle.

First surprise of the day was having a microphone inserted up my shirt by Amy, who then filmed me during the Billy Pugh transfer from the boat to the rig. I think I looked very brave!

First sight of the core: great recovery, beautiful impact breccia, clasts of sediments, basement and melt. Woo hoo, we made it to the crater – only took 18 years of my life to get here.

Great news – I have been assigned a room with only Mary and Amy – so lots of extra space in the 6 bed cabin. Not so great news – I am on the night shift – which means I started my 12-hour shift at midnight. Michael and I have spent much of our first night in a bemused, why am I here, stupor. Probably quite fortunate that we didn’t get any more core on deck after midnight. This is the first time I have looked down a microscope for about 10 years.

I am hungry. Is it time for lunch or breakfast?

Co-chiefs reunited. Image: JLofi@ECORD_IODP

Featured Image: MMowat@ECORD_IODP


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