Making Measurements

Gail Christeson – Geophysicist

Space is at a premium on the L/B Myrtle and the recovered cores aren’t split and remain in their liners offshore, so most of the work on the cores will be done later in an onshore laboratory at the Bremen Core Repository, Germany. However, we do have a small science party out here to immediately examine the core and help make drilling decisions. One of our tools is called the multi-sensor core logger, or MSCL for short. This is a cool machine that pushes each core along a track at 2 cm intervals where 5 devices measure changes in physical properties along the core: density, seismic velocity, resistivity, magnetic susceptibility, and natural gamma radiation. Sometimes the measurements pick up on changes that aren’t obvious to the eye, and help us decipher what we are drilling into.

The MSCL container is also the location of the Chicxulub café (the best coffee on the boat), so we get frequent visitors! My lab partner Erwan, from ESO is the artist of the café logo.

Images: GChristeson@ECORD_IODP


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