Shipboard Food, Ranked

If you didn’t already get the message, food gets really important offshore. So, as promised, here is a dedicated post! Shifts unfold around the meals provided every 6 hours and no end of discussion goes on around which shift got fresh brownies, who got tacos and who finished the avocados! As we are relatively close to land we restock regularly and the Cooks are great, so thankfully we are all well fed.

Chris Lowery provides a ranking of some of our many foods so far……………Please note that these ranks reflect the views of the individual, and not necessarily the group : ).

  1. Blue Bell Cherry Vanilla ice cream
  2. bbq shrimp
  3. lime popsicles
  4. bbq ribs
  5. roasted pork shoulder
  6. corn dogs
  7. those brownies the other day, with ice cream
  8. grits
  9. all other breakfast food
  10. ribs
  11. tacos
  12. lemon bars
  13. boiled cabbage and kielbasa
  14. bbq chicken
  15. spaghetti with sausage and meat sauce
  16. chicken-fried steak
  17. fresh dinner rolls
  18. strawberries
  19. watermelon
  20. fresh vegetables
  21. pizza
  22. wings
  23. Texas Toast
  24. bowl of assorted candy
  25. boxes of assorted potato chips
  26. cooked vegetables
  27. Mexican Frosted Flakes (“ZUCARITAS”)
  28. all other cereals
  29. canned fruit
  30. non-water melons
  31. Breyer’s ice cream

One thought on “Shipboard Food, Ranked

  1. My 2nd grade class has enjoyed checking in on y’all. Too bad school is almost out. They became interested in dinosaur extinction while learning about the rock cycle and volcanoes.


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