Weather and Wildlife

We are 30km off the Yucatan Peninsula, surrounded by blue sea and sky. To those of us hailing from the UK, the heat comes as something as a contrast to the ‘Spring’ weather back home and the Factor 50 is out! During the night, the twinkling lights on the coast are visible and occasionally we see small boats pass by, or distant larger container vessels heading into Progreso.

Other than that you find yourself looking to the sea and sky for other activity. We haven’t seen much in the way of marine mammals, although a turtle briefly popped its head up.

The deck is littered with white dots, and most of us learned quickly what these were: a quick look up confirmed the culprit, Frigate birds circling overhead. Chairs are hastily repositioned to less ‘peppered’ areas.

Other occasional visitors include pelicans, who seem to enjoy perching on the vessel to get some sun.

We’ve also seen large moths quite regularly. Whether they flew here from land, or whether they sailed out with us, is unclear.

Around the vessel legs we’ve seen fish with frequent visits from, lemon fish (look a lot like sharks at first glance) and guardfish. By deploying our aptly named “GoPro Fish Cam” we can entertain ourselves with footage of fish in the water column. The shallow water and bright sunshine make for excellent visibility in < 20 m water depths.

Sophie Green – Expedition Project Manager


One thought on “Weather and Wildlife

  1. Thank you for the updates. I try to share what is going on with some of my students in 2nd grade. We recently learned about rock types and fossils. This led to dinosaur questions and that led to the crater and your research. Thanks again.


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