Life on board the L/B Mrytle

To date we have posted a series of “first impressions” of the L/B Mrytle but we have now been on board for almost a week so what is daily life really like on a boat that is propped up 10 m above the sea surface in the Gulf of Mexico?

In my opinion the most important space on the vessel has to be the mess. Of course the drilling equipment and labs are vital scientifically but we need good meals to look forward to, to keep us going. I won’t divulge any further as Chris Lowery is preparing a blog post for us specifically about food. Make sure you keep an eye out for that.

The vessel is small at a little over 40 m and there are up to 30 people on here at any time. A number of the scientists on board have sailed on the IODP vessel, JOIDES resolution which is 3 and a half time longer than the L/B Myrtle. Despite its size I don’t feel like we are living in each others pockets. We all manage to find a quiet spot to retreat to for work or pleasure (i.e. soaking up the sun).

We have a tv room and a small communal work space but it’s rarely used as the sunshine is always calling us. The sun rises and sunsets are stunning.

I would love to post a movie providing a virtual tour of the Mrytle but unfortunately that is beyond the capability of our internet out here, 30 km off the coast of the Yucatan peninsula. I have provided a few photographs that will hopefully give you an idea of life on board.

Claire Mellett – Expedition Project Manager

Featured Image: ELeBer@ECORD_IODP


2 thoughts on “Life on board the L/B Mrytle

  1. U guy are lucky and im enveyuss to have lookt over the satillite images , ..mind blown … lets hope for good penetration
    And Nobell prize discovery


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