Lights, camera, action!

After months of preparation and hundreds (if not thousands) of emails, meetings and teleconferences, I finally set off to Mexico to meet a small sub-group of the Expedition 364 Science Party.

Our mission in a nutshell: Drill the Chicxulub Impact Crater!

When arriving in Merida we held a press conference to celebrate the start of the expedition and I was tasked with presenting the operational strategy, while Sean (one of the Co-chief Scientists) covered the scientific goals of the project. I did not expect to see so many people, cameras and microphones and the atmosphere in the room was electric.

After being under the spotlight I was happy to retreat to the hotel for a kick off meeting with the Science Party. Together we discussed the plan of action for the coming days and ended our day eating Mexican food under the shade of sombreros.


The following morning we said goodbye to dry land and set sail for the platform.

Claire Mellett – Expedition Project Manager